Dental Spa Services

This is a private, discreet dental experience. You won’t hear the noise of a drill or other people, just relaxing spa music. You choose your spa amenities and create your own relaxing experience.

Why Impressions Dental Spa?

Impressions Dental Spa prides itself on providing our clients with professional cleaning and whitening services in a comfortable spa setting.


Amy Angell has been a registered dental hygienist for over 11 years. She decided to open her own dental hygiene practice to offer customized, low-stress dental cleanings to her patients. She prides herself on gentle yet thorough cleanings.

Plans and Pricing


“I recently had my teeth cleaned by Amy at Impressions Dental Spa and I wanted to write a review about my experience. It was a truly different and relaxing experience (I never thought I would say that about having my teeth cleaned). From the moment I walked through the door and the selection of “spa” amenities, I knew it was going to be a great experience. Amy was thorough and gentle and was concerned about my comfort level the whole time. She let me know areas I could improve on but didn’t harass me about flossing, like I’ve experienced in the past. I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to wait for a dentist to see me and I wasn’t hit with an outrageous bill. I will definitely be going here from now on.”

Courtney R.

“I had my teeth whitened by Amy after I saw the special she was running for new patients. I wasn’t sure what to expect but she explained the whole process in detail. I really liked the fact that she does both email and text for appointment reminders, so much better than getting a phone call. The process was easy and I even fell asleep! I got a bright, white smile and she also gave me a whitening pen to use after. Definitely worth the full $299 price but even better I only paid $199. I had a great experience and plan on going back for a cleaning.”

Jason B.

“I first had my teeth cleaned by Amy a few weeks ago and after my experience I decided to have them whitened as well. First off, I will admit that I have a phobia about going to the dentist. I saw the office first while I was walking through Cherry Creek. I looked her up on the web and decided to give it a try. She definitely took the anxiety out of a dental visit. It was low-key and relaxing. No background noise and no other distractions. She let me choose what I wanted out of the appointment. The cleaning itself was actually painless! I had the water tool used on me and she was very gentle, asking me how I was doing throughout. My whitening appointment was equally enjoyable and I got a nice result. I felt confident in her ability to let me know if I had any issues that I needed to see a dentist for. No more regular dentist for me, I will be seeing Amy from now on.” Greg T.

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We Accept All Dental Insurance and Are In-Network With Delta Dental of CO, Cigna and Medicaid

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