Dental Spa Services


spa and water bowl

This is a private, discreet dental experience. You won’t hear the noise of a drill or other people, just relaxing spa music. You choose your spa amenities and create your own relaxing experience.


Teeth Cleaning (Adult Prophy) – $99

A gentle, yet thorough cleaning with your utmost comfort in mind.


Periodontal Scaling and Periodontal Maintenance – $140 – 280

“Deep cleaning” and Maintenance cleanings.


Express Teeth Cleaning (Above the gumline to remove visible stain, plaque and tartar) $59

This is for those that are short on time that want a clean, bright smile and fresh breath.


In-Office Whitening – $349

This is a great, quick way to get that bright smile. It takes an hour and you get instant results.


Radiographs (dental xrays) – $70 – 135

We offer diagnostic digital radiographs to diagnose any dental issues.


Whitening Gel Refill (4 syringes) – $40


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*We are excited to announce we are now in-network with Delta Dental of CO, Cigna and Medicaid!

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