dentalspapic2 FAQs


Q. Why should I clean and whiten my teeth?

A. Your smile is the most critical feature of your personal presentation. Until recently it could be both cumbersome and difficult to maintain a perfect smile. Impressions Dental Spa is all about making it easy to get the smile you deserve.


Q. What is a dental spa?

A. Dental spas offer services in a spa-like setting. The spa setting signals relaxation and counters the negative associations that people have with going to the dentist.


Q. What if I need other treatment?

A. At Impressions Dental Spa we always recommend seeing a dentist for an exam two times a year, as recommended by the ADA. You may see your regular dentist you have an established relationship with or we can recommend one to you.


Q. Why Impressions Dental Spa or Impressions Mobile Dental?

A. At our traditional office setting your experience will be a unique one. Expect a relaxing, spa-like experience. There are no noisy drills, low-key, an escape from your everyday stresses. We offer a spa experience that you won’t receive anywhere else. Amy is a highly trained registered dental hygienist and enjoys sharing her on-going knowledge with her clients.

Impressions Dental Spa is unique in the sense that we are not a traditional dental office and have the ability to cater to the needs of our patients. We have taken the time to assess what keeps people from making a dental appointment and we have been able to erase those fears with the experience we offer. We invite you to schedule and appointment today to see what the all the buzz is about.