Our Story

Amy Angell

At a young age Amy Angell was ambitious enough to start her own babysitting company with a friend in New York.  ABC Babysitting was a local neighborhood babysitting company.  After her education and training in New York State to be a Dental Hygienist, Amy worked for 7 years under the tutelage of some great dentists.  She grew tired of the bustle of the East Coast  and leveraged her professional certification and experience to land a job in Denver. Denver was a cool place to be and being out here alone, Amy made friends by taking up the Colorado active lifestyle. She worked for a prominent office for many years when the entrepreneurial bug bit again. Amy learned about the Direct Access Rule in Colorado which allows Dental Hygienists to operate without supervision and even own their own dental hygiene practice.

Soon Impressions Dental Spa was operating. Amy, has a creative approach to her practice which boasts a Spa environment which is relaxing and rejuvenating, something that most Dental Offices don’t offer. She specialized in a private client setting where you have a private closed environment, missing the sounds of drills and bustle, and offers amenities such as aromatherapy and warm hand treatments.

Impressions Dental Spa conquers traditional dental office fears. At Impressions Dental Spa appointments are easy to make, there are no noisy drills and parking and the location are convenient. The services at Impressions dental spa are simple and straightforward so you needn’t worry about costly charges or surprise billings. Seeing Amy at Impressions Dental Spa is complimentary to therapeutic dental visits and goes together with seeing your regular dentist. If you require services, Amy refers to the best Dentists in the Region.

Impressions Dental Spa offers professional in office Teeth Whitening. “We are the best service for getting personal, professional whitening done in office.” Comments Amy. “We are easily accessible and you get a very high level of attention to detail with a high quality product, and most importantly I am professionally trained and licensed with over 12 years of experience”.

Amy has ambitions to open offices in other areas in Colorado besides Denver, so that she can enjoy her new found lifestyle of riding her bike and trail running throughout the state.  Amy would have never thought that while exploring Colorado she would find a unique business opportunity. Impressions Dental Spa is proud to be a Colorado company.